Embedded in both system and site level ethics committees and processes, including HealthEast hospitals, homecare, medical transportation, and research, MCHCE supports HealthEast’s goals in clinical, leadership + business, and research ethics. We engage in the traditional ethics functions of education, policy development and consultation in a non-traditional way – from our unique vantage point within three Sponsoring organizations.


On any given day, we can be found aiding in the delivery of quality care by:

  • Leading system-wide policy development (e.g., POLST Work Group)
  • Applying a methodology for organizational ethics analysis
  • Building ethical frameworks for decision-making on key organizational dilemmas
  • Facilitating stakeholder workgroups on organizational ethics issues (e.g., drug shortages, charity care)
  • Providing clinical and organizational ethics consultations
  • Developing and providing clinical ethics education (in hospitals, LTACH, home care, pre-hospital care) and online
  • Serving on site and system ethics committees and the Institutional Review Board
  • Developing tools to improve the quality of ethics systems and processes
  • Developing approaches to public health and disaster ethics challenges
  • Engaging in ongoing research and analysis in clinical, leadership + business and research ethics


We are on call 24/7/365 for clinical ethics consultation.


HealthEast Care System employees can access the current issue of The Center Line, our newsletter, on the HealthEast Infonet.


Our HealthEast Care System Board Representatives are:




Vice President/Executive Medical Director

HealthEast Care System



Vice President of Spiritual Well-Being

HealthEast Care System