MCHCE is available to all of Fairview’s sites and service areas, and serves the University of Minnesota Medical Center’s Ethics Committee. We participate on multiple organizational levels – in clinical ethics, organizational ethics, and leadership + business ethics. We engage in the traditional ethics functions of education, policy development and consultation in a non-traditional way – from our unique vantage point within our three Sponsoring Organizations.


Our many activities within Fairview include:

  • Developing and recommending a system-wide ethics leadership model
  • Providing ethics leadership for and serving as member of the Organizational Ethics Committee (OEC)
  • Building ethical frameworks for decision-making on key organizational ethics dilemmas (e.g., drug shortages, duty to work)
  • Facilitating stakeholder workgroups on organizational ethics issues
  • Serving on system committees (e.g., the Conflict of Interest Review Committee)
  • Coordinating and participating in biennial Ethics Forums on clinical ethics topics (e.g., decisional capacity, pediatric ethics, and end-of-life ethics guidelines)
  • Assisting the Ethics Consultation Service at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview
  • Serving on the University of Minnesota Medical Center Ethics Committee
  • Serving and resourcing Fairview site ethics committees
  • Developing tools to improve the quality of ethics systems and processes
  • Engaging in ongoing research and analysis in clinical, leadership + business, and public health and disaster ethics


Our Fairview Health Services Board Representatives are:



System Director, Fairview Health Services

University of Minnesota Medical Center



Chief Legal Counsel and General Counsel

Fairview Health Services